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Cincinnati Area

New High School Referees

The dates for the in-class and outdoor training will be Tuesday, July 22nd, Wednesday, July 23rd and Thursday, July 24th from  6:30-9:30pm at Sycamore High School - Room 233.

Any questions or concerns, contact Charlie Keaney at cjkeaney@yahoo.com.

Requirements to Qualify as a High School Referee

It is STRONGLY recommended that anyone desiring to become a High School soccer official have a minimum of 3-years experience as a Grade 8 USSF Referee.

New High School Referees (Must be currently or previously  registered as a Grade 6, 7 or 8 USSF Referee)

To qualify as an OHSAA Referee, all aspiring new High School Referees must:

  1. Complete the SWOSOA/OHSAA Bridge Training Requirements as listed below.
  2. Pass the written NFHS qualification tests after completing all the on-line, in-class and outdoor session requirements.

The fee for this SWOSOA/OHSAA High School Entry Referee Bridge Training Course is $125, which includes the OHSAA annual registration fee.  Pre-registration for this course is required and the application and fees must be submitted through OHSAA (see "OHSAA Pre-Registration Requirements" listed below).

OHSAA Pre-Registration Requirements

  1. Attendees need to pre-register at least seven (7) days prior to the first session they plan to attend in order to guarantee space in the clinic.
  2. The course fee, as stated above, is $125 (non-refundable and payable to OHSAA) for the full Referee Bridge Training clinic.
  3. Application for this training must be made on the OHSAA website and course fees are to be paid by credit card to OHSAA.
  4. Late registration will be accepted (even at the door) as long as: 1) space is available with all pre-registered attendees being accommodated first; and 2) prior application has been submitted to OHSAA and that the course fees have been paid to OHSAA.
  5. The following are the steps you will need to take to pre-register for this Referee Bridge Training course:
    • Log on to http://officials.myohsaa.org This will take you to "OFFICIALS New users register now" page (Click here to access the User Guide)
    • Fill in all your pertinent info as required and then hit "Sign Up Now" button
    • Click on "Contact Information" in the left column menu
    • Then fill in ALL your contact info .... if something other than Alt. Phone or Address 2 is missing it will not allow you to proceed until all info is inputted.
    • On the next Dialog page there is the statement telling you to select a course ..... using your cursor, pointer, finger or whatever put it on the Select a Coursewording, which will then be highlighted, and click on it to get to the next page.
    • Scroll down to the soccer section and click on the course being taught by SWOSOA and follow directions to sign-up and pay fees, etc.

SWOSOA/OHSAA "Bridge Training" Course Requirements

(Online Training - Click Here)

Once you have completed the OHSAA pre-registration process, you are eligible to begin the SWOSOA/OHSAA "Bridge Training", which consists of the following:

  1. Complete the On-Line training, which is located on this website www.swosoa.com (Click Here).  This consists of seven(7) modules that must be completed prior to attending the in-class sessions.  Instructions for completing the on-line material will be included in the introduction page, which you will need to read prior to beginning the on-line modules.
  2. Attend the in-class sessions on July 22 and 23 at Sycamore High School.  At this time you will be given the NFHS Soccer Rules Book and other information from OHSAA.
  3. Attend an outdoor clinic session on July 24, time and place to be announced during the in-class clinic sessions.
  4. After completing all of the previous steps, you will be given the information to log onto the OHSAA website such that you can then take the NFHS and the OHSAA tests.

Clinic Sessions (in whole or in part)

  • May be subject to cancellation due to lack of registered participants or
  • Clinic sessions may need to be limited in the number of participants subject to the size of the facility or
  • The site may need to be changed, thus the need for pre-registration
  • The need for all participants to check this SWOSOA website for any last  minute (meaning the day of) changes
  • Nothing is guaranteed.