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Each MSOA member is expected to conduct themselves in an honest and ethical manner at all times, consistent with the standards of conduct, as defined in these By-Laws.


  1. MSOA officials must devote time, thought and study to the laws and rules of soccer and to the mechanics necessary to carry them out, such that an effective and credible service can be rendered in a fair and unbiased manner.
  2. MSOA officials must work with fellow officials, administrators, and all governing bodies in a spirit of harmony and cooperation in spite of differences of opinion that may arise during discussion of points or rules at issue.
  3. MSOA officials must not use their position as an official to benefit themselves nor to promote the special interest of any person or group(s) other than the athletes and affiliated organizations served by the Association.
  4. MSOA officials must be prepared both physically and mentally, dress according to expectations and maintain a proper appearance that befits the event importance
  5. MSOA officials must honor contracts regardless of possible inconvenience or financial loss.
  6. MSOA officials carry a responsibility to act in a manner becoming a professional person. The conduct of any official influences the attitude of the public toward the profession in general, as well as toward the official in particular.
  7. MSOA officials shall maintain an ethical approach while participating in public forums, chat rooms and all forms of social media.


Any member or non-member of MSOA may file a formal complaint against a member of this Association for an alleged violation of the Constitution, By-Laws or Ethical Standards of MSOA. The complaint must be in writing, i.e. not verbal, and it must state the specific violation being alleged.  It must contain a statement of fact constituting the alleged violation in ordinary and concise language, the name and address of the complainant, and must be signed by the complainant.