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Become a Soccer Referee

Interested in becoming a soccer official?  Please review below for referee opportunities:

USSF:  Please visit the following link - http://ossrc.com/

High School:  Please follow the below steps (note:  you must be an existing USSF certified referee for below)

Step 1: Take OHSAA Officiating Class - Register to use the online system at officials.myohsaa.org.  Once registered, complete/edit any profile and contact information and click Choose Sports to indicate which sports you are interested in. Click on the Official profile and Select a Course to review the information and register for a class.

Step 2: Take Officiating Exam - The class concludes with the officiating exam. Applicants must receive a passing score of 75% on the mechanics and rules exams and pass the proficiency portion in order to be a licensed OHSAA official. Successful students may begin officiating interscholastic contests immediately.

Step 3: Complete Concussion Training - Applicants must complete a course on concussion training, prior to officiating. You can get to the link by going to this address on the OHSAA website: http://ohsaa.org/officials/concussioneducation (revised 8/9)

Step 4: Receive Officiating Permit - Applicants with a passing score will receive their officiating permit in the mail within three weeks from their test date. If you do not receive your permit within this time frame, contact the OHSAA officiating department at 614-267-2502, ext. 110 or officiating@ohsaa.org.

Note: Applicants receiving a grade of 65% to 74% on the mechanics or rules exam may request a retest. Applicants who do not pass the subsequent officiating exam must wait one year to re-enroll in the officiating class and start the application process over.

Step 5: Contact your local officiating association - https://mwsoa.com/

Step 6: Annual Renewal of Permit - Renew your officiating permit annually in June.

Note: During the school year in which the official successfully completes the adult education class, all meeting requirements are waived.

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