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What a great night of fun, food, laughs and a few tears.   Thank you to everyone who attending this year's Annual Business Meeting.  It was a night packed full of many events.  Below are some highlights:


President - Ric Welker ran unopposed and was re-elected for another two year term

Vice President - Randy Clark ran unopposed and was elected for a two year term

Trustees - Charlie Keaney was re-elected for another two year term

Brad Koewler and Terry Kiger were elected as new Trustees and will both serve a two year term

Please congratulate Ric, Randy, Charlie, Brad and Terry on their Board Positions

Awards & Recognition:

We recognized several members who have given so much to our organization, soccer and so much more.


  1. Outstanding Contributor  - Bob Burns and David Shire
  2. Hall of Fame -Carlos Jimenez and Charlie Keaney
  3. Referee of the year - Steve Brassfield (no photo)


Bob_Ric Carlos_Dave

Charlie_Dave Dave_Ric



Photos provided by - Roberto Osona Photography