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From our August 23, 2015 training session at Kolping presenting by Kelly Frey, here are the advanced referee techniques/acronyms that were presented...


4 P Principle

evaluating whether to apply Advantage

1.Possession of the ball

2.Potential for attack (“promising attack”)

3.Personnel available to defend goal

4.Proximity to goal


Tool vs Weapon

evaluating contact above the shoulders


  • Arm is used for balance
  • Normal Body Movement
  • No Swing of the arm INTO an opponent
  • Opponent into arm/elbow/hand, NOT arm/elbow/hand into opponent
  • Not Up and In, just Up


  • Excessive Force Used
  • Safety of player in endangered
  • Hard Surface (forearm/elbow/hand) contacting soft surface (face/neck)
  • Arm/elbow Up and In, or used a battering ram
  • Arm/elbow/hand is swung toward opponent’s face
  • Injury results



evaluating excessive force tackles

  • Speed of play and the tackle
  • Intent
  • Aggressive Nature
  • Position of the attacker
  • Opportunity to play the ball
  • Atmosphere of the game



evaluating serious foul play

  • Frustration
  • Intimidation
  • Retaliation
  • Establishing Territory


The 4 D's of DOGSO

evaluating Denying an Obvious Goal Scoring Opportunity

  • Direction of play
  • Number of defenders (and position)
  • Distance to ball (control of ball)
  • Distance to goal