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Hello MWSOA Soccer Officials:  Below is a comprehensive update from OHSAA regarding Arbiter.  If you are NOT familiar with this resource, please review the training links below.

Please note:  Arbiter pay may be used by some schools this year, but will NOT be used for any sectional or district tournament games.

Thank you - Mike

From: OHSAA Officiating Department

Subject: Arbiter Training Resources

Below are resources to aid in the transition to Arbiter for OHSAA officiating assignments. As announced in October 2015, all regular season officiating contracts are to be sent through Arbiter beginning with the 2016-17 school year.

1)    Training Video by Terry Williams – Basic setup of Arbiter from logging in to accepting contracts. 36:31 in length
a.     https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B89ZR4s8kHNgNnB1c0tlSmNrd0U

2)    Using ArbiterSports Presentation – Basics on how to set up your profile for the first time.
a.     PDF Format: http://www.ohsaa.org/officials/ArbiterSportsPDF.pdf
b.     PowerPoint Format: http://www.ohsaa.org/officials/ArbiterSports.ppt

3)    How to Set Up ArbiterPay – Steps and screenshots to set up an ArbiterPay Account.
a.     http://www.ohsaa.org/officials/ArbiterPayOfficialGuide.pdf

4)    OHSAA ArbiterSports Resource Center
a.     For Officials: http://www.ohsaa.org/arbiter/ArbiterFAQs-Officials.asp
b.     For Assigners: http://www.ohsaa.org/arbiter/ArbiterFAQs-Assigners.asp

5)    ArbiterSports Support
Phone – 800-311-4060
Email – support@arbitersports.com