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2016 Dates:  7/18, 7/21, 7/25
Lakota West High School rm. 200 6:30 pm -9:30 pm

Refereeing at the High School level can be very rewarding, but there are higher expectations for referees at that level with regard to knowledge of the game and physical fitness.  This class will give you the background knowledge you'll need to be successful, and will give you the contacts you'll need to get assigned to matches.

The prospective soccer official will receive a minimum of 9 hours of in-class instruction and 6-hours of on-line training on the playing rules and mechanics (where to stand, signals and where to look).  Class sessions will be dedicated to the relationship of the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) and officials, how to deal with emotionally charged situations, how to get game assignments, where to purchase uniforms and equipment if necessary, where to find a local officials association and all related information to provide each prospective official with an opportunity for success. The goal of each instructor is to provide every student with enough knowledge and proficiency to be successful at the entry level in soccer officiating.

Fee is $125 for class and OHSAA license

It is STRONGLY preferred that anyone desiring to become a High School soccer official have a minimum of 3-years’ experience as a Referee.
It is expected that each student be proficient in reading and writing and knowledge of the USSF Laws of the Game.  Officials may have to run and be engaged in strenuous physical activity, therefore you should have the necessary level of physical fitness required for the sport of soccer at the U17/U19 level.

You will be required to complete on-line training material, which will be made available to you prior to your first in-class session.  Contact Charlie Keaney at: cjkeaney@yahoo.com for specific information regarding the on-line material.

You are expected to attend every class.  You will be required to pay an instructional fee.  At the conclusion of classes and prior to your first game assignment you will be expected to purchase your own equipment and uniform.  You will be required to be proficient in mechanics.  You will also be required to receive at least 75% on two written, final exams: one on rules and one on mechanics.